Frequently Asked Questions

General Question

What is the 8th Grade Carnival?

The 8th Grade Carnival is an annual fundraiser coordinated by 8th graders and their parents. The younger students at Slavens purchase tickets and participate in the games and activities organized by the 8th grade class. Funds raised from this event pay for the 8th Grade Continuation in the spring.

What is Super Citizen?

The Monaco South Optimist Club sponsors a Super Citizen recognition at several DPS schools in our area including Slavens. Super Citizens are selected by teachers and/or their peers in their classroom based on the Optimist Creed, which emphasizes a willingness to work hard and set a good example for others. Three students per elementary grade are recognized at four different times during the school year.

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What is Sea Camp?

Each year the 8th grade class takes a trip to San Diego to participate in Sea Camp. Details regarding the current year can be obtained through your student. Fundraising to pay for Sea Camp can begin in 5th Grade with King Soopers Gift Cards. These gift cards can be purchased for $5 at the front office. A percentage of purchases made with this reloadable gift card are put into an account for your student and applied to their Sea Camp balance once they reach 8th Grade.


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