Mission Statement

At Slavens School we provide a rich academic experience that builds a foundation for every student to become a compassionate, ethical and productive global citizen.


Slavens is a community that educates students for life’s journey.


Slavens School strives to provide the best possible learning environment for all students. Students are responsible for their own behavior. Students are to respect themselves, each other and their school environment. Each student has a right to be safe, to learn, to be productive and to be treated with respect.

We will foster a culture of excellence where:


  • Enjoy learning
  • Are challenged to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and independent learners
  • Active participants in their communities
  • Demonstrate responsible behavior and respectful actions so they feel safe
  • Appreciate and respect differences so that all students feel included
  • Act with compassion and make ethical choices

Parents, Teachers & Staff

  • Provide a well-rounded and balanced student experience
  • Include all children while striving to meet individual needs
  • Create a supportive, respectful environment for our faculty
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Support an effective partnership

Code of Conduct

At Slavens we take the high road.

We genuinely care about ourselves, each other and our school.

We show and receive respect by: using kind words and actions, listening thoughtfully, standing up for ourselves and others and taking responsibility for our own behavior and learning.

This is who we are even when no one is watching!

Standards for Character and Ethics

Slavens character and ethics standards will respect parents’ primary role in their child’s education. These standards promote courage, confidence, diligence, responsibility, fairness, and self-reliance. They also teach the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.

Character and ethics teach students to:

  • SHOW respect for others by listening to their ideas and using respectful language, proper manners, and appropriate behaviors.
  • EXPLAIN the moral of a story.
  • REPORT orally or in writing on a real life hero.
  • WORK with others in a fair and honest way.
  • ACCOMPLISH tasks and assignments with diligence.
  • CARRY out responsibilities to the class and school community especially assisting in keeping school areas clean, tending to classroom animals as well as participating in community outreach projects.
  • DEMONSTRATE self-reliance in taking care of personal belongings and being organized.
  • OBSERVE rules and activities

Children will be able to:

  • EVALUATE their own behavior, identifying times when they have behaved admirably and times when they have behaved poorly.
  • DEMONSTRATE commitment and skill in helping peers prevent conflicts and resolve disagreements fairly.
  • EXPLAIN the value of a sense of humor in everyday life.
  • EXPLAIN the characteristics of friendship that go beyond having fun, including loyalty and bringing out each other’s best qualities.
  • IDENTIFY expressions of democratic ideas in the test of the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, such as equality before the law.
  • These key words influence how people view themselves and others. It is important that students learn their meaning and applications in daily life.


Our actions will help us reach our mission.