Front Office


Attendance is the responsibility of the student, parents and school. For each day your child is ill and will miss school or arrive late please call 720-424-4151 before 9:00 a.m. Alternatively you may complete the attendance form.

Office staff will place calls daily to the parents of unaccounted-for students. All late arriving students must sign-in at the office and get a late pass before going to their classroom.

Students are responsible to complete any make-up with during their absence. Assignments not completed within a timely fashion will be reflected in grades.

Please remember to plan family trips and vacations during the weekends or the 16 weeks throughout the year when school is not in session.

Late Arrival/Early Departure

Tardiness interferes with learning. Excessive tardiness is disruptive and disrespectful and may result in a parent/student/principal conference.

If a student must leave during the day parent/guardians must come to the office and sign them out. Students will be called to the office at that time. If a student is being signed out by a non-parent/guardian a note signed by a parent/guardian giving permission is required.

School Visitation

All visitors must check in at the office (signing in and obtaining a visitor sticker) before visiting another area of the school. Please sign out at the office before leaving the building. In the event of an emergency this list is used to ensure safety of all persons on school grounds. It does not matter how often you are at the school ALL VISITORS are REQUIRED to sign in and out each visit.

When office personnel are unsure of a visitor’s identity they will ask for identification.

All doors will be locked during the school day. Please enter and exit the building through the north door off the parking lot.

To minimize classroom disruptions please coordinate classroom visits in advance with your student’s teacher.

There are two adult restrooms available for visitor use located on the first floor near the north stairwell.

When an adult stops by the fence they will be approached by a staff member. Parents are welcome to join students for lunch & recess but must sign in at the office first. Class lunch schedules can be found in the current school directory or the Slavens app.

Change of Personal Information

Please notify the school office immediately of any and all changes concerning address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc. It is vital this information is up to date at all times.