Annual Auction & Event

  • 6:00 PM
  • Infinity Field

The largest fundraiser of the year provides various opportunities to support Slavens through an online silent auction, staff donations, live auction, paddle raise or party signup.

If you have questions about the auction, would like to donate an item, or volunteer your time, please contact Judy Leuteneker or Randy Moyer, Auction Chairs at

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New to the Event?

We've got you covered.

Event Timeline

  • Friday, February 28th - Auction Event Tickets go on sale!
  • Friday, March 27th - Auction Items & Parties are due!
  • Friday, April 10th - Auction Item Preview & Auction Night Babysitting goes LIVE!
  • Friday, April 17th - Ticket prices increase!
  • Sunday, April 19th - Online Auction Opens!
  • Thursday, April 23rd - Online Auction Ends!
  • Friday, April 24th - Ticket sales End (11:59pm)
  • Saturday, April 25th - AUCTION EVENT
  • Monday, April 27th - Unsold Item Fire Sale
  • Tuesday, April 30th - Item Pick-Up

The Event FAQ

How do I buy a ticket?

While we use the word ticket you will not receive a physical ticket nor do you need to bring your confirmation with you. Just show up at the Auction Event, give the Auction Staff your name and have fun!

To purchase an event ticket or participate in online bidding you will need to create an account on The only way to generate a paddle number (necessary during the Auction Event for live items, party sign-ups and the paddle raise) is to purchase an event ticket.

Ticket Prices

  • March 1 – April 19 - $65/ticket
  • April 20 – April 26 - $75/ticket
  • April 27 - $85/ticket at the door

Why do ticket prices go up the week prior to the Auction Event?

To properly plan food & beverage for the Auction Event we need an accurate headcount. Raising the price incentivizes parents to buy their tickets early and aid us in our planning.

I can't attend the Auction Event. How can I still sign up for parties?

Party sign-ups are all at the Auction Event (a ticket is needed to attend). However if you are unable to attend the Auction Event you have two options for party sign-ups.

The first option is to purchase a ticket (generating a paddle number), you can have a friend check-in for you at the Auction Event and sign you up using your paddle number. In this scenario your PTAPal account will be charged for your parties eliminating the need to reimburse anyone else. You will also be on the party guest list and receive communication from the party hosts.

The second option is to create a party wishlist on PTAPal and ask a friend to sign you up using their paddle number. In this scenario your friend will be charged for your parties and you will need to reimburse them. Also your friend will be the "guest on record" and will receive event communication from the party hosts.

Do I bring my kids?

No. This is an adult only event.

I haven’t attended before. Is this a black-tie fundraiser? What do I wear?

Whatever you want! Many parents wear dress pants or skirts & nice tops. Some parents come up with a costume representing the event theme. Some wear jeans and still others wear cocktail dresses.

What is the food situation? Does this include dinner?

Heavy appetizers are served at the event. Past years’ menus have included chicken skewers, beef sliders and pizza.

How do I get a drink?

There are several bars set up for the Auction Event. You can pay with cash or set up a tab with your credit card. Prices are listed at the event.

Where is the auction?

What are my transportation options?

Carpooling with friends is one option, please choose a designated driver. We also suggest using Uber, Lyft or a taxi service. If you drive to the event and realize you should not drive home your vehicle may be left in the Infinity Park parking lot overnight.

  • Download the Uber app and set up your account prior to the event.
  • Download the Lyft app and set up your account prior to the event.
  • Download the Metro Transportation app and set up your account prior to the event.
  • Download the Union Taxi app or save the contact number (303-922-2222).
  • Save the Freedom Cab contact number (303-444-4444).

What is the flow of the Auction Event?

  • 6pm – doors open and party sign-ups begin. Food is out and the bar is open.
  • 8pm – live item bidding, followed by a video and ending with the final chance to support the Auction: The Paddle Raise!
  • 10:30pm – Auction Event is over but the After Party at The Pioneer is just beginning!

Wait, you mentioned an After Party?

Following the Auction Event join your fellow parents at The Pioneer (2401 S University Blvd) to continue celebrating Slavens! A percentage of food sales (not alcohol) will be donated back to Slavens. So buy that plate of nachos and keep supporting the kids!

How the Auction Works

Online Auction

Online bidding begins the Sunday prior to the Auction Event and ends the Thursday prior to the Auction Event. You will need to create an account at to bid online. Our acquisitions team does a fabulous job of collecting donations from all over the country. Items range from gift certificates, vacations, toys, spa treatments and much more. Account

Why do you need my credit card when I signup for my PTA Pal account?

Credit cards serve as a means to verify your intent to purchase if you win an item or buy a party. Bidding

Bid Increments are determined by the current high price of the item, and increase at 5% of the current price.

The automatic bidding system makes bidding convenient so you don't have to keep coming back to re-bid every time someone places another bid.

  • When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. The other bidders don't know your maximum bid.
  • The system will place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. It will bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder up to your maximum amount.
  • If another bidder places a higher maximum bid, you'll be notified so you can place another bid. Your maximum bid is kept confidential until it is exceeded by another bidder.

How do I know if I won an online auction item?

You receive an email from PTA Pal confirming that you won. You can also check your “My PTA Pal - Summary” to view the status of items you have bid on or are watching at any time during or after the auction.

How do I know if I’ve been outbid on an online auction item?

In the event you are outbid on an item you will receive an email from PTA Pal. Click the link in the email to sign-in and increase your bid. You can also check your “My PTA Pal - Summary” to view the status of items at any time during or after the auction.

Auction Parties: Attending

There are no refunds on any party sign-ups.

The only way to sign-up for an auction party is the attend the Auction Event. You will use your paddle number to sign-up. Auction Parties are a first come, first serve item. Signup starts promptly at 6pm. Many parties sell out fast, so arrive early to guarantee your spot!

After the Auction Event has finished you will receive an email receipt listing the parties you are signed up to attend. Typically hosts send an email or evite with details and reminders a few weeks prior to their party.

Auction Parties: Hosting

Auction Parties are hosted by Slavens Parents and take place throughout the year. The party hosts pay for all of the costs related to the party, guests purchase a ticket/entry at the Slavens Auction event. 100% of the money raised from Auction Parties goes to Slavens. Parties can be hosted by one or more families and the themes can vary wildly.

The deadline for submitting an Auction Party is mid-April. You can submit your party at

Party Pricing — To know how to price your party we suggest estimating costs and deciding the number of guests you will allow. These numbers will help you determine your per person entry fee.

Here are a few sample party descriptions from the past:

Kid Party Description

Every Limbo Boy and Girl — Calling all CURRENT 1st Graders! Come join us at Skate City Littleton on Sunday, May 15th from 4-6pm. You will have a great time skating with your classmates. Skates and Dinner are included in this FUN event. It’s the perfect way to wind down the school year together so we hope you will join us. Siblings are welcome but will just pay at the door and get their own meal. We look forward to seeing you then and limbo the night away!

  • Date: 05/15/2016
  • Cost: $25 per kid, up to 100 kids
  • Donated by: Charnsangavej/Morris, Domer, French, Godley, Johnson, Jones, Krankota, Martin, Neale and Rippey Families

Family Party Description:

Progressive Brunch — Join us for a family friendly progressive brunch and bike ride through the Slavens neighborhood. We will start our trip at school making stops along the way to enjoy a multi-course delicious Sunday morning brunch (including a bloody mary bar and mimosas for adults!). Riding will be limited to the neighborhood streets so that everyone can participate. A great way to send off the summer!

  • Date: 08/28/2016
  • Cost: $65 per family, up to 10 families
  • Donated by: The Coombes, Elmquist, Jones and Tierney Families

Adult Party Description

Glitter, Bell bottoms, lava lamps & disco balls — Yes, this year’s SLAVENS PROM will be filled with DISCO FEVER!!! There will be a rockin’ DJ, food, drinks and even a DISCO PROM king & queen! You won’t want to miss this groovy party on June 4th at 7:00 pm! Make sure to sign up at the auction – this event is sure to sell out again! Must come in costume, ready to have fun & cut loose!

  • Date: 06/04/2016
  • Cost: $85 per person, up to 100 people
  • Donated by: Sarah & Matt Godley, Judy & Mike Leuteneker, Erin & Mike Martin, Margaret & Derek McCandless, Amanda & Tim McWhite, Molly & Jim Mills, Tara & Randy Moyer, Abby & Jeff Munn and Emily & Taylor Pruisner

Auction Parties: Waitlist

When a party sign-up is full a waitlist will be started. Allowing guests to attend from the waitlist is at the discretion of the hosts. You will not be charged for adding your name to a waitlist unless the hosts add you to their party. For many parties as the event gets closer and guests cancel host may decide to add guests from the waitlist. If this happens you will need to write a check payable to ‘Slavens PTA’ for the amount of the party entry prior to attending the party. Party hosts can assist you with getting payment to Slavens PTA.

Auction Parties: Last Chance Spot

For Family Parties there is a last chance spot in lieu of a waitlist. This is silent auction style bidding on a sheet next to the party sign-up. The bidding will begin at the cost for one family and increase incrementally. If your family really wants to go to a party and the rest of the guestlist is full this is the way to ensure your family gets in.

Auction Parties: Golden Ticket

This is a Live Auction Item sold during the Auction Event. This ensures party entry for one couple (2 people) to all adult parties (no family or kid parties, some exclusions may apply based on host limitations).

Middle School Babysitting

Several Middle School Students have volunteered their time to benefit Slavens. They are donating their time during the auction in exchange for a donation to Slavens. These students will receive hours credited to their community service requirement. Babysitting can be purchased during the online auction. Some students are willing to babysit for longer than the set 5:30-10:30 timeframe. Those students should be paid directly by parents for the extended hours as the extended hours are not eligible for community service credit.

Live Auction

Selected special items are auctioned off in a live format. We will have artwork, vacations and more. Raise your paddle to out bid others. Bid increments will be at the discretion of the Auctioneer.


If you have an item to donate you may complete donation process online at The acquisitions letter and form may be found on the Slavens website. If you have any additional questions please contact our Acquisitions Team Lead – Judy Leuteneker at

Staff Donations

All Staff Donated items (whether an item or an experience) are part of the online auction.

The Staff at Slavens School all understand our school is amazing because of parents like you! While participation is not required of staff members, over the past few years we have had 100% participation. Many of the items donated are priceless experiences such as lunch with a teacher or a movie night after school. Like Parent-Hosted Parties the costs of the staff donations are paid for by the hosting staff members with 100% of the proceeds going to Slavens.

Paddle Raise

The last piece of the Auction Event is the Paddle Raise. The Auctioneer will start at the $10,000 level and work down to the $100 level. When the amount you’d like to donate is called lift your paddle high until you hear your paddle number read aloud by the Auctioneer. This is a straight cash donation to the school.

If the amount you’d like to donated is not mentioned by the Auctioneer please talk to the PTA Pal staff in the lobby at the Auction Event to input a custom amount.

Auction Purchases

How do I pay for my auction winnings and party signups?

The credit card used to create your PTA Pal account will be automatically charged at the end of the Auction Event.

How do I get my receipt for purchases?

You receive an email from PTA Pal with purchase details and tax information. Or, you can check your “My PTA Pal - Purchase History” to view your account transactions.

Item Pick Up

Item Pick-Up will be on the Tuesday after the auction, from 3:00pm - 5:00pm. Item Pick-Up is only for physical items; party sign-ups do not have a physical ticket. Item Pick-Up is typically held in the gym after school the week following the Auction Event. We suggest bringing bags to carry multiple/large items home. You do not need to bring your receipt — a copy will be provided at item pick-up.