With the 2020-21 school year approaching, it’s time for families to officially enroll in their preferred learning option for the fall semester during the Slavens K-8 registration process.

Beginning Monday, July 27, families will make a final selection and enroll in either full-time in-person learning at our school, or a virtual program for each student. Visit www.dpsk12.org/coronavirus/return-2020 for more information about these two options.

Please note the decision to officially enroll in either full-time in-person learning or a virtual program is final through December 2020. If you choose a virtual program, your student will still keep their enrollment spot at Slavens for the 2020-21 fall trimester.

The fastest, most convenient way to officially enroll is through Annual Family Update, our online registration process. As in past years, you also will be able to verify and update your household information during Annual Family Update.

PLEASE - Annual Family Update takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We do not know if or when we will be able to do in-person registration at this time. Your immediate attention is kindly requested!

To take part in Annual Family Update, first make sure you have an active Parent Portal account at myportal.dpsk12.org. Then, sign in beginning July 27. The registration deadline for Slavens K-8 is Friday, August 28. For more information on Annual Family Update, visit schoolchoice.dpsk12.org.

Note: If you already took part in Annual Family Update during the early bird window in May, that means you have not yet officially enrolled in one of the two options for the fall semester. To do so, you will need to fill out a registration addendum form, available through our school (email Kathy), or by contacting Enrollment Services at 720-423-3493.

As always, you can contact Kathy Nemmers at kathleen_nemmers@dpsk12.org with any registration questions. (Or leave a message at 720-424-4173, but email is definitely easier!)