Parent Resources

School Supplies

To make purchasing school supplies easier Slavens has partnered with Educational Products Inc. (EPI). School supply kits compiled by EPI are custom built to match each teacher's supply list and delivered directly to the school. To order school supplies and learn more please visit EPI’s website.

School Visitation Policy

All visitors must check in at the office (signing in and obtaining a visitor sticker) before visiting another area of the school. Please sign out at the office before leaving the building. In the event of an emergency this list is used to ensure safety of all persons on school grounds. It does not matter how often you are at the school ALL VISITORS are REQUIRED to sign in and out each visit.

When office personnel are unsure of a visitor’s identity they will ask for identification.

All doors will be locked during the school day. Please enter and exit the building through the north door off the parking lot.

To minimize classroom disruptions please coordinate classroom visits in advance with your student’s teacher.

There are two adult restrooms available for visitor use located on the first floor near the north stairwell.

When an adult stops by the fence they will be approached by a staff member. Parents are welcome to join students for lunch & recess but must sign in at the office first. Class lunch schedules can be found in the current school directory or the Slavens app.

Field Trips & Fees

Classes may take field trips to enhance their learning beyond the classroom. Some trips may access RTD for transportation within the Denver metro area. These trips are funded by students.

Fees are collected at the beginning of the school year to cover all field trips. Your student’s homeroom teacher will inform you of the amount. Please send a check to the teacher payable to Slavens School for the requested amount.

Typically chaperones are requested by teachers to attend field trips. Teachers will supply details regarding times, transportations and packed lunches (as needed).

Classroom Fees

At the beginning of each year teachers collect a classroom fee from each student. Typically this amount is under $30 and payable directly to the teacher in cash. This fund covers incidental expenses throughout the year (supplies for science projects, classroom needs, etc.) that otherwise would be out of pocket expenses for teachers.


Students are required to pay for all damages they inflict to school property. All hardbound and softbound books must be replaced at the publisher’s price. All desks, lockers and storage areas provided for students on school grounds remain the property of DPS. These areas may be searched by the principal, or designee, whenever there is reasonable cause.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located outside the cafeteria in the north hallway. Unclaimed items will be periodically donated to charity. Advance notice will be given through the weekly emails.

Birthday Celebrations

To be respectful of food allergies most teachers do not allow treats in the classroom. Each teacher has a classroom birthday policy, ask your student’s teacher for details regarding their policy. To be considerate to all students, invitations for out of school parties may not be distributed on school grounds, this includes before, during and after school.


Homework is planned and assigned to meet student needs. It is assigned at the discretion of the teacher. All grades receive varying amounts of homework, generally upper grades have more.

Parent cooperation and support is crucial to student’s success. If is strongly suggested parents ask to see homework to ensure completion.

Report Cards and Conferences

Standards Based Progress Reports (i.e. Report Cards) are given at the end of each trimester. Formal conferences are scheduled for October with additional conferences as needed. A parent may request a conference with a teacher at any time.

School Registration

A child may enter kindergarten if they are five years old on or before October 1 of the year of enrollment. Younger children will be accepted if transferring from an accredited public or private kindergarten with evidence of having attended at least 45 days of school.

Students enrolling in first grade may enter if they are six years old on or before October 1 of the year of enrollment. Younger students shall be accepted if they have completed a year of accredited public or private kindergarten, or are transferring from an accredited public or private first year program.

For more information on enrollment please visit

Meal Payments

Parents may create an account at to pay for meals online. Cost for hot lunch is $1.85 for elementary students, $2.10 for middle school students and $.50 for milk.