Parent Organizations

In order to continue to provide our children with the experiences that we value at Slavens, we need a lot of hands! We need your time, talent, energy and new ideas to continue to make this a great school for our children and faculty. Slavens is based on a culture of parent volunteerism and we are grateful to you for continuing this tradition by looking through the volunteer opportunities for this year and thinking about ways to get involved. Remember that these roles are also great ways to make great friends and that your help makes a huge impact for our kids! Select opportunities for you to make a difference for your children this year.

There are numerous organizations in which parents can get involved with Slavens.


Slavens PTA is the school’s largest fundraising entity. While a majority of our effort is spent on raising funds, our mission is to engage families, enhance school programs, and supply much needed educational supplies, equipment and technology. We foster our special Slavens community and the wellbeing of our children by encouraging parent involvement through volunteering, supporting our teachers, and collaborating with school administrators.

The money raised by the PTA funds paraprofessionals at every grade level, purchases needed classroom materials and technology, supports ongoing teacher education, and aids in facility upgrades. Through volunteerism, we also coordinate indispensable programming like after school enrichment, school safety, teacher appreciation, recycling and composting, and class pictures.

We encourage everyone to participate in the many fundraising and volunteer opportunities available. All adult members of a family are encouraged to join the PTA. Though attendance is not required, as a member you can support our kids’ success by sharing ideas and voting on our initiatives at monthly meetings. The dues are $15 per adult (a portion is paid to the Colorado PTA and National PTA for access to resources and the remaining funds offset our local administrative expenses).

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 5:30-6:30pm meeting time in the library.

Pay your PTA Membership dues now!

Meeting Date Minutes
August 25download
September 15download
October 13download
November 17download
December 15download
January 19download
February 16download
March 16download
April 20download
May 18


The Middle School Parent Alliance is a committee made up of middle school parents and the assistant principal. The MSPA is a non-fundraising branch of the PTA that specifically addresses middle school needs and activities. The MSPA chair and co-chair meet monthly with the middle school teachers to discuss any middle school needs and provide assistance with activities.

PTA & MSPA Representatives

Position Representative
Presidents Meghan Brown
Katie Ozimek
Vice President Amanda Fedje
Brita DeStefano
Secretary Tracy Kozak
Treasurer James Urbonus
MSPA Stephanie Slaybaugh
Brooke Bolinske
Hospitality Committee Megan Wilson
Megan Murray
Stacy Decker
Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Corey Wagner
Restaurant Night Stephanie Minior
Enrichment Stephanie Slaybaugh
Corporate Sponsorship Kari Colley
Kelly Trotter
King Soopers Cards Amanda Gurr
Fall Fundraising Jennifer Urbonas
School Photos Jessa Decker-Smith
School Supplies Laura Edwards
Meredith Jones
Box Tops Meghan Brown
Golf Tournament Mihira Rossaza
Mona Douillard
Green Team Robin Berg
Garden Club Johanna and Nate Levene
Renee Hildenbrand
Gretel Pavao


CSC meets monthly to bring together two great concepts; site-based management and shared decision making. The CSC’s primary responsibility is to focus on the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Other CSC responsibilities include: enhancing student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in collaborative efforts supporting the school and district goals; providing strategic direction in support of the school’s mission and vision as stated in our bylaws; providing guidance and approval for the school’s annual budget and providing FOSS with direction for its fundraising. CSC members include the principal, 4 teachers, 4 parents (elected to 2- year terms) and a community member. CSC meetings are open to the community.

Faculty/Staff Representatives

Killy Foster, Melissa Hatchett, Matt Phair, Bo Sager, Kurt Siebold, Joanne Stroud

Parent Representatives

Stephen Metz, Laura Stitt (chair), Sara Tierney, Traci Williams


Formed in 1996, FOSS is a 501(c)3 charity charged with the goal of raising money to ensure Slavens students don’t lose out on a well-rounded education featuring key courses including art, music, foreign language and STEM.

Giving our kids access to these extras not only makes for a better school experience, but helps create future leaders and great thinkers. Recent FOSS funding includes paying the salary of our STEM facilitator, as well as providing a new sound system for the gym/auditorium, band scholarships, Spanish books and art festival support, among other gifts.

FOSS is dedicated to giving the extras to every child, every day but we can’t do it without every family participating. We recommend $150 per student (that’s less than $1 per day), but no donation is too small. If we all give what we can, we will reach our annual goal!

Learn more at the Friends of Slavens website.