Student Conduct Expectations

Student Dress Code

We strongly encourage parents to play an active role in determining how their children dress for school. The appearance of a student pays a large part in their behavior and attitude towards school. Students should come to school looking clean, neat and dressed in a non-distracting appropriate manner.

Hats, sagging pants, pajamas, muscle shirts/sleeveless shirts, cropped tops, spaghetti strap tops and torn attire are not allowed. All clothing should cover undergarments. Skirts and shorts should be thumb length or longer when hands are straight down.

It is essential students dress according to weather and safety considerations.

All students have physical education each day. It is necessary for them to wear or bring athletic shoes to school each day to participate. Additionally is it suggested girls wear shorts or pants under skirts during P.E.

Telephone Use

Students are permitted to use a school phone in emergencies. Students are only allowed to use the phone to change afterschool plans if it is school activity related. Students must receive permission from their teacher and/or office staff prior to phone use. In order to limit disruptions we do not put any telephone calls through to a classroom.

We encourage students to demonstrate responsibility by planning ahead. It is an expectation that parents/guardians remind students of after school plans prior to coming to school. We do not encourage parents to bring forgotten homework, instruments, books, lunches, money, etc. to school.

Except in the case of true emergency we do not have the resources to relay parental messages to students.

Cell Phone Use

Middle school students may use cellphones during teacher directed activities. Cell phones are not to be used by middle school students at lunch, during recess or in the hallway. Cell phones are not to be used by elementary school students at all during school hours. Cell phones can be used after school.

Vending Machine Rules

The vending machine is for middle school students only during the day and will be available during lunch time. Elementary students do not have access to the vending machine.

Lunch Rules

  • No Energy Drinks may be consumed on school grounds.
  • Sit on your bottom.
  • Stay seated at all times.
  • Do not leave the cafeteria without permission.
  • Do not pop chip or zip lock bags.
  • Use an inside voice.
  • Only talk to those around you – no yelling across the room.
  • Only store packaged food/drinks, uncut fruit or food from the school cafeteria may be left on the Free Table to share.
  • Toys and Balls are not allowed at the tables.
  • If you spill tell an adult immediately.

To be dismissed from lunch:

  • Clean your seat and table area
  • Look under the table for trash
  • Stand behind your chair
  • Raise your hand and ask “May I be excused?”
  • Once excused you may throw items in the Trash, Compost & Recycling

Recess Rules

Students are expected to be prepared for outside recess every day. This includes appropriate outerwear, shoes, gloves, etc. when needed.

Do not bring food or snacks outside from the lunchroom

Obey the playground supervisors at all times.

Use the equipment in the way it is intended.


  • Only students on the swings should be in the area.
  • Sit on your bottom.
  • ONLY swing in the forward/backward direction.
  • No jumping off.
  • No pushing other students.


  • Only slide down feet first.
  • Do no sit or climb on top of the monkey bars.
  • Only one student at a time on the spinning equipment.
  • Tag is only allowed on the ground, not on the playground equipment.
  • Do not mess with the trees or gardens – let them grow!
  • No tackling.
  • Only sports equipment is allowed on the field – the exception is NO hard balls (i.e. baseballs,etc.).
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times.
  • No “Wall Ball” against the school building.
  • No playing in the alcove near the gym doors.
  • Playing in the snow is ONLY allowed if students are wearing snow boots.
  • No snowballs.
  • Keep shoes on while playing.
  • Do not push or shove other students.
  • Do not leave school grounds.
  • Do not dig or throw pea gravel.


Minor discipline problems are handled on the spot by the supervisor or teacher at that time. Repeated and more serious infractions are brought to the attention of the principal and assistant principal. We strive to keep parents informed and seek their counsel. It’s amazing how few discipline problems there are when both home and school operate together as a unit in guiding our young people. The following Discipline Ladder has been implemented for the school year:

Level I – Classroom

  • Behavioral intervention (moving seats, timeout, private talk)
  • Parent notification via note or phone call
  • Conflict resolution
  • Possible lunch detention
  • Fill out a Bully Incident Report

Level II – Office Referral Problem Solving, Detention

  • Behavior that doesn’t change after being given chances – physical threat, inappropriate language, refusal, defiance.
  • Parents may be notified. The student explains the behavior by filling out the learning sheet, which is taken home for parent discussion and signature.
  • Lunch recess taken away, notify home.

Level III – Office Referral Contract, Suspension

  • Three or more referrals to the office may result in an in-house or home-bound suspension.
  • A conference is arranged with the principal, parent, and child to review the plan designed to effect a change in the student’s behavior.
  • The behavioral plan is signed by the principal, parent and child and a copy given to each.
  • Half day “In school” suspension for bullying behavior - third report.

Level IV – Multi-Day Suspension or Expulsion

  • Weapons, drugs, fighting, and dangerous behavior will result in a suspension and may lead to an expulsion.
  • The right of a student to attend school may be suspended temporarily or indefinitely for serious repeated violations.
  • “In school” suspension for 4th report of bullying behavior.
  • In all cases the rights of students will not be abridged. Due process will be afforded all students. (Please refer to the Student Conduct and Discipline Policy JK, JK-R formerly 1214.)